Prices are net, do not include VAT 8% and duty, are ex-cellar Stalden in Switzerland, prices in Swiss Francs per unit.

Any onward delivery charges, duty and VAT will be charged as apporpriate upon shipment. The buyer must arrange the collection of any order after 10 days following receipt of invoice. The goods will be delivered at the buyer's own risk.

All wines are subject to vintage and market movement and to remaining unsold. We add more charges for late payments (CHF 10.- mini)

For all order will be charged CHFrs 20.00 to Swiss area (max 12 botlles).

All contracts are governed by Swiss material law, with the exception of international private law regulations. Any disputes arising from or in connection to this contract shall be exclusively judged by the competent court of Obwald. Di Jin Wines SA also has the right to assert its rights before the courts of the competent jurisdiction of the buyer and the buyer declares to elect Stalden (Obwald-CH) as special home - domicile according to art. 50 par. 2 of the Swiss Federal Law on debt collection and bnakruptcy (RS 281.1).